About Me

Hi, my name is Holly Daniels and I have been a quilter for about seventeen years. My career has included teaching quilting classes and designing and constructing quilts for quilt magazines and books.

My family had no quilting tradition, but like many quilters, I did learn to sew at home. My mom encouraged me to hand sew Barbie doll clothing, which I mounted on cardboard with a Saran wrap covering and sold at her yard sales. My middle school sewing teacher taught me how to use a sewing machine. We didn't have much money, but Mom found a used machine somewhere and brought it home. I made my own Holly Hobbie cloth doll with lots of clothing. My dolly probably had the only tie-dyed prairie dress on the planet!

About 1985 I attempted my first quilting project, a small Streak of Lightning quilt that I saw in a magazine, for my first child. All triangles with bias, bias, bias! I finished one stretched out row and used the remainder of the fabric to make a nice set of curtains for her room instead.

A few years later, I caught Eleanor Burns on PBS teaching her Double Irish Chain. I wrote down her instructions, picked up some fabric at Walmart, and had a quilt top by the end of the weekend. I was hooked.

I spent several years at home with my ever-growing family doing free-lance craft and quilting work for magazines. Eventually I went to nursing school, graduating in 2006 with my RN. Through it all--five kids, school, a demanding career--I have found quilting to be a satisfying outlet for my creativity.

In 2009 I purchased my longarm quilting partner, “Daisy,” and a new phase in my creative life began. It has been so much fun to learn and experiment with new techniques. If you are finding yourself in a rut, try something different. A new tool or technique, a class, or exposure to an entirely new form of craft or art may spark your creativity in a different way.

I'm too simple a person to have an "artist's statement" or "life philosophy;" I admire those who can find words for these concepts. Here are some of the words I try to live by. Love God, love family. Enjoy the little things in life; be content. Do something for someone else once in a while. Attitude is everything, make yours one worth sharing.

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