My longarm quilting service takes the stress out of finishing your quilt

Are the UFO's (Un-Finished Objects) stacking up? Using my longarm quilting service may be the answer if... love piecing more than quilting. So many projects, so little time--concentrate on the parts of the quilt you love and let me do the rest!

...the idea of wrestling a large quilt through your small domestic home machine fills you with dread. I've been there, sister.'ve inherited quilt tops and you're not sure what to do with them. It's a shame to have quilt tops sitting in a box when they could be finished and used on beds or cherished by family members.

My stitching partner, Daisy, and I can help you complete your project with less stress on you and your quilt. The system of stretching the quilt backing, batting, and top on the machine reduces the chance of wrinkles and allows smoother quilting than can be done on regular home machines. I can help you choose the correct backing fabrics, battings, and patterns to make your patchwork tops into quilted treasures.

Meet "Daisy." She is a Gammill Classic Plus and she and I will work together to complete your project beautifully.

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Want more information about quilting and my thoughts on how to choose batting or backing?

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