Price List

I have tried to keep my price list as simple as possible.

Right now I am concentrating on meandering, freehand quilting, and some light custom quilting. I am not regularly doing pantographs. If you want something that is not on the list, or have questions, please feel free to ask me. I'd love to hear about your special project!

Longarm Quilting
Item Price Description
"Centsible" Meandering 0.01 Medium to large freehand meandering, my least expensive quilting option. Great for kids' quilts and those you want done without a lot of fuss.
Light Freehand Allover 0.015 Allover design stitched without regard to fabric boundaries. Includes loops and swirls, loops and stars, leaves, loose flowers, etc.
Dense Freehand Allover 0.02 Allover designs without regard to fabric boundaries. Includes freehand feathers, wonky feathers, flowers or shapes with echo quilting.
Light Custom 0.025 and up Examples include allover pattern in center with separate border and sashing treatment; individual motifs in each block, etc.

To figure the cost of your quilting job, measure the length and width of your quilt top in inches. Multiply length x width. Then multiply the total by the cost of quilting. For example:

60" x 84" = 5040 square inches

Centsible quilting (meandering):

5040 x 0.01 = $50.40

Light allover pattern:

5040 x 0.015 = $75.60

Dense allover pattern:

5040 x 0.02 = 100.80


5040 x .025 (and up) = $126.00 (and up)

The cost to quilt your top is $75.60

Minimum charge $30.

I quilt can quilt anything from a table mat to a king-sized quilt on Daisy.

Here are some specialty quilting jobs I can do:

Groups of several small items that use the same piece of backing fabric (a set of placemats, several runners, a pair of baby quilts or pillow tops) can be combined to meet the minimum. One piece of backing and batting must be used.

Do you need double-sided quilted fabric for making bags or other items? You provide the two fabrics and the batting (or purchase batting from me) and I will quilt your fabric so you can get on with your projects.

Batting Price List

Batting and Backing
Type Price Description
Warm and White (90" wide) 0.23 per linear inch 100% cotton, low loft
Hobbs 80/20 (96" wide) 0.20 linear inch Blend of 80% cotton/20% polyester; little bit of loft; shrinkage of 3-5% for that old-fashioned look.
Hobbs Polydown (108" wide) 0.18 per linear inch 100% polyester, soft and drapeable.
Muslin backing fabric (90" wide) $8.00 per yard 100% cotton, your choice of white or unbleached

I will orient your batting and quilt in the most economical way possible. Size of batting needed is determined by size of quilt, plus 4" additional batting to allow for installation on machine.

You may also provide your own batting and backing--good quality only, please. If you need guidance, please check the batting and backing pages.

Binding Price List

Type Price Description
Partial Binding 0.10 per linear inch I cut a 2 1/2" bias binding, fold and press the binding, and attach the binding to the front of the quilt. You fold the binding to the back of the quilt and complete the hand stitching.
Full Binding 0.20 per linear inch I prepare the binding, attach it to the quilt, and hand sew the binding to the back. Your quilt is completely finished.

Please send one yard of desired fabric for binding.

I currently do not do bindings on wedding ring or other curved borders.

Note: To figure number of inches, add (width of quilt x 2) plus (length of quilt x 2)

Your quilt is 60" x 84"

(60 x 2) + (84 x 2) = (120) + (168) = 288

288 x 0.10 = 28.80 (partial binding)

288 x 0.20 = 57.60 (full binding)

Additional Services

Additional services not shown on this price list (including sewing a seam in your backing fabric, fixing loose seams or wavy borders, and pressing) are charged at $20 per hour. You will have the option of do this work yourself or having me complete it for you.

Memory Quilts, T-Shirt Quilts, and Custom Quilts

Custom Quilts
Type Price Description
Memory Quilts $10 per square foot You supply clothing to be included in the quilt. I supply sashing, if needed, muslin backing, batting, quilting in an all-over or light custom style, and binding services. You get a completed quilt that is ready to use or give!
T-Shirt Quilts (Standard with Sashing) $12 per shirt You supply t-shirts. I supply interfacing to back shirts, sashing, muslin backing, quilting in an all-over meander style, and binding services. You get a completed quilt that is ready to use or give!
T-Shirt Quilts Placed on a Patchwork Grid (A Great Option When You Have A Smaller Number of Shirts) $10 per square foot You supply t-shirts. I supply interfacing to back shirts, sashing, muslin backing, quilting in an all-over meander style, and binding services. You get a completed quilt that is ready to use or give!
Custom Quilts $10-$18 per square foot, depending on pattern and quilting difficulty if you supply fabrics, $14-$21 if I supply quilt shop quality fabrics. You may supply the fabric and/or the pattern or have me purchase it for you. My charge includes all patchwork and binding. Quilting will either be in an all-over pattern or custom. You will receive a completed quilt that is ready to use or give!

Photos may be added to your quilt for $5 each.

If you don't have enough t-shirts, I can substitute a quilt block to fill the space at the same price as one shirt. This is especially nice for a throw with eight shirts and a Shelbyville Bear Paw in black and gold in the center spot.

I am located in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Shipping expenses are paid by the customer.

If you are a local customer, you may make arrangements to drop your quilt off with me. I often pick up and drop off customer quilts when I am in town (limited to certain days and times of the week).

Indiana residents are required to pay 7% sales tax on purchases of batting, backing, and other products from me. No sales tax is charged on quilting service.

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