Let's learn together in quilt class!

Quilt class is now in session! Take a seat at the front of the room so you can see and hear (important, when you're as short as I am).

My favorite experiences in life often involve sharing something I know about and love with someone else. This applies especially to quilting. I have tried to include information for quilters of different levels, and will continue to expand these pages.

All quilters will want to take a look at my favorite quick quilting tips.

Some of the fundamental steps in creating a quilt include choosing batting and backing fabrics.

Borders are a finishing touch that can make or break a quilt. Here's how to attach a flat border.

Triangles add a lot of interest to your quilt. Here is a tutorial for basic half square triangles. I will share more triangle taming techniques in future pages.

I will soon be adding classes in how to choose fabrics that will make your quilt shine and how to break down a block, so check back often.

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