Get your memories out of the drawer and onto your bed with one of my t-shirt quilts

Fun, funky, and casual, t-shirt quilts are great memory keepers and very personal gifts for graduation, Christmas, or a wedding (his and hers). The only limit is your imagination!

I back your shirts with interfacing to prevent stretching or distortion. After I sew them together with coordinating sashing, I add a medium weight polyester batting then quilt all over using my long arm machine to secure the layers. I add a durable double-layered binding to give your quilt a clean, finished look.

Check out this quilt I made recently for C.K. She wanted to incorporate some smaller logos and she wanted a scrappy look. I was able to piece out the smaller bits to make the full blocks needed and I added several complementary pieces from my large fabric stash to give her the look she wanted.

Are your shirts from a collection--running shirts, Nascar, high school activities, scouts, vacations, or volunteer work? Or do you have more of a "hodge podge" collection--t-shirts with special meaning to you that are only really related because YOU love them? Either group of shirts can be put together to make a special quilt for you, a friend, or a loved one. How about putting together t-shirts from your group and making a raffle quilt as a fundraiser? I can help you with all these needs. Click here for pricing options.

Click on the number below to see quilt layouts that will use the number of shirts you have. If you don't have quite enough shirts (say, you have eight shirts and want a nine shirt layout, I can make an extra block that will coordinate with your shirts.




20 or More!

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